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The warm experience that our carpets provide is second to none. They have so many benefits to offer: carpet can muffle sounds to make any room more serene, and it comes in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns that will enhance your lifestyle.


Plush carpet pile is cut to a uniform height, creating a sleek, smooth finish. It is dense, constructed from closely tufted strands, and can have a velvety appearance. Plush carpet is beautifully soft and can be made from both wool and synthetic fibers.

Depending on the fiber you choose, plush carpet pile offers excellent comfort and luxuriousness at an affordable price. The close construction of the pile has a cushioning effect, making it ideal for areas in the home where comfort is required, such as bedrooms and living areas.

Plush carpets have protective elements added to repel dirt and stains and provide simple maintenance. Spills can easily be spot cleaned in time to prevent staining, as the protective coatings delay the time it takes for liquids to penetrate the carpet fibers. Everyday dirt is also repellent and doesn’t easily stick to plush carpet piles.

Plush carpets are durable and present themselves as tasteful and stylish, creating a high-end, luxurious impression.

Plush carpets have protective elements added to repel dirt and stains and provide simple maintenance. Spills can easily be spot cleaned in time to prevent staining, as the protective coatings delay the time it takes for liquids to penetrate the carpet fibers. Everyday dirt is also repellent and doesn’t easily stick to plush carpet piles.


Frieze carpet is a type of carpet that consists of tightly twisted, long fiber strands, giving it a “shaggy” look. Many people compare today’s modern frieze carpet to the look of shag carpet from the 1970s; however, frieze is different than the shag carpet of the past because the fiber strands used in frieze are thinner, giving it a look that isn’t as dense as shag carpet.

Due to the length of the strands and fibers, crumbs and other things that make most other types of carpet look dirty are harder to see through the dense, floppy appearance of frieze.

If you’re looking for a warm, relaxing carpet built for everyday life, consider frieze carpet. Frieze’s look is unique yet clean and modern. Frieze carpet is usually softer to walk on and cozy enough to lounge on while watching television or playing board games due to its long and loose construction.


Berber carpet is unique! It consists of many small, thick loops instead of strands, like many other types of carpet. Berber has thick, heavy yarn that is built into different sizes of tufts. It’s also known as loop pile carpet during construction. Another distinction with Berber carpet involves colors. Typically, a quality Berber carpet has natural or light colors with flecks of darker colors dispersed throughout. When combined with the loop pile, this type of Berber carpet has a great, casual look to it.

If you’re looking for a carpet style that is highly durable and easy to clean, Berber (Loop) carpet could be the perfect fit for your home! Berber’s thick loops are more difficult for stains to penetrate, and the patterns typical among Berber carpet styles can help hide stains and dirt. These features make Berber carpet an excellent choice for rooms with heavy traffic or any room that is adjacent to your outdoor space.

With people enjoying more informal lifestyles, many homeowners are decorating for everyday life. Berber carpet is loved for its distinct, handcrafted look. If you want to create a homey, comfortable lifestyle, Berber’s knotty look creates texture and a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Cut-and-loop carpet has a combination of high-cut tufts and lower loops in a variety of sculptured patterns. Tough and durable, cut-and-loop carpets can be used in any place that gets a lot of activity. But probably the most attractive feature of these carpets is the beautiful yet subtle patterns that they can create. Unlike patterns created by using different color fibers, cut-and-loop patterned carpet usually uses all of the same color fibers. The pattern is created by the difference in texture between the cut ends of the fibers and the looped pieces. These carpets are great at adding a dimension of texture that creates an enhanced plush profile and camouflages traffic patterning. Here are some of our favorite cut-and-loop carpet styles:

The primary advantage of the cut-and-loop style is its appearance. Cut and loop patterns provide nice texture and visual interest to a carpet and are a matter of personal preference—some people prefer them, some don’t.

As many of today’s design trends rely heavily on texture, cut and loop styles fit nicely with contemporary décor.


Indoor/outdoor carpet is designed for interior rooms or covered exterior spaces and is ideal in settings with fluctuating temperatures. Made with synthetic fibers, this carpet choice is able to withstand the elements by resisting damage from UV rays, moisture, mold, and mildew. It’s strong and durable, making it easy to clean and maintain, and won’t fray, pill, fuzz, or shed.

Indoor/outdoor carpet is a great choice for a patio, porch, sunroom, or any other outdoor living space. Choosing the right carpet is an important decision, and we will help you choose the perfect option that will not only look great but will also last and allow you to enjoy your outdoor living area. Whether you need new carpet installation or a full carpet replacement, a flooring professional can schedule your installation around your schedule!

Attractive enough for the indoors but durable enough to withstand all seasons, indoor/outdoor carpet is one of the easiest ways to update any outdoor living space. Designed to complement porches, patios, or sunrooms, indoor/outdoor carpet helps resist fading from ultraviolet rays and the growth of mold and mildew.

Feel better about doing your part to help the environment. Indoor/outdoor carpet is 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.


Crafting the perfect outdoor living space for your home can be a real challenge, particularly when you’re not sure which products are the right choice for your specific needs and goals. Your home and family are unique, and you deserve to have an outdoor living space that fits your individual style and purpose.

Turf carpet is best suited for adding padded comfort to concrete, wood, tile, and other hard surfaces. Our carpet features a durable rubber backing that can tolerate tough surfaces well. The carpet also has a medium-light weight that helps keep it from shifting too easily under your feet.

Our outdoor carpet and artificial turf provide comfort for your entire family, including your pets! Hard surfaces naturally heat up in the summer months, and your dogs will appreciate the added protection of carpet or turf under their paws and bellies.

Your family has a unique style and enjoys specific activities, and your outdoor living space should reflect these characteristics to enhance your happiness. You deserve to have the home of your dreams, and we are here to help give you the tools, resources, and support you need to create it.


Nothing says livable luxury like breath-taking genuine hardwood flooring throughout your beautiful home. Not only are these attractive planks high on style and durable enough to handle the activity in your home, but they also improve your home’s resale value over time. When it comes to wood flooring, there are several different types to choose from in terms of species, construction, colors, and finishes.


As the name suggests, solid wood flooring is made of solid wood throughout its thickness, usually a hardwood species such as oak, maple, or walnut. Its significant advantage is that it can be sanded and refinished numerous times throughout its lifespan.

Solid wood flooring comes in long planks, usually made of hardwood species. It is milled with tongues and grooves on opposite edges so that the boards interlock when installed. It is always nailed to the subfloor, a process that requires some skill. Because it is solid wood, this flooring can be sanded down and refinished several times over its life. Solid hardwood flooring is all wood and is usually 5/8″ to 3/4″ thick. Because it’s solid wood, it can be sanded and refinished many times. However, it’s susceptible to changes in humidity and isn’t recommended for below-grade spaces.

Add warmth and timeless beauty to your kitchen with classic hardwood flooring, which comes in a variety of wood species, designs, and finishes.


Engineered wood flooring looks like solid hardwood, but its construction features a relatively thin layer of hardwood bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer that gives the flooring excellent stability. The best engineered wood flooring will have good flexibility and a durable plywood core with three to nine layers. You can count on a good-quality engineered wood floor typically lasting 25 to 30 years.

Floorboards tend to be wider with engineered hardwood flooring. Some pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring has slightly beveled edges, which creates slight grooves between boards, while solid hardwood flooring generally has very tight seams between boards. Engineered hardwood flooring is almost always sold pre-finished, and there is a narrower range of available colors and species than solid hardwood.

Engineered hardwood floors are usually “floating,” meaning they were snapped together over an existing floor with no adhesives or nails holding them down. Floating floors tend to have echoes or clicking sounds, making walking on the floor a noisier experience. Engineered hardwood doesn’t absorb sounds as well as its solid hardwood counterpart, but it has a resilient surface, which means it still absorbs a significant amount of weight and noise, especially if you spend extra for a high-quality acoustic underlay to be placed under the floor.


Laminate flooring is comprised of layers of synthetic material engineered to look like wood or stone. It quickly became a popular choice due to its durability and low price, garnering a reputation as an affordable alternative to the real thing. Today’s laminate has come a long way since it first hit the market, and its quality and appearance continue to improve, with more options than ever available now.

All laminate flooring has a core layer topped by an image layer, into which a digitally enhanced photo of a natural material is embedded to mimic everything from exotic hardwoods to concrete to natural stone. It comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and widths, and, these days, texture can even be embossed to give the flooring a more realistic feel.

Laminate flooring is a floating installation, meaning it isn’t fastened to the subfloor by glue, nails, or staples.


An exquisite flooring option, tiles have the sophisticated beauty and durability that homeowners love. Tiles have been counted on for centuries by cultures across the globe to last as flooring, wall tiles, and other surfaces. Although tiles are susceptible to acidic substances and metal abrasion, they remain a surface to be counted on to look great for years, given that a cleaning and maintenance regimen is incorporated to make sure it retains its original look.


Ceramic tile is one of the top choices for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors. It’s impervious to moisture, stands up to stains, and won’t absorb bacteria or odors. It’s a great choice for spaces that get a lot of traffic. Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of colors and designs for a sleek, luxurious look. Tile sizes range from tiny mosaics to large formats and come in just about any shape imaginable. Choose from almost any installation pattern and incorporate trim pieces, borders, and inlays to accentuate decorative elements. Mix and match colors and sizes for visual interest, or repeat the same styles on the floor, countertop, or backsplash for a cohesive look.

Ceramic tile lasts for decades and stands up to the toughest wear you can dish out. It can withstand water and foot traffic.

Porcelain tiles are also very durable and long-lasting, creating beauty in your home (or even outside) for years to come. They’re also available in a large variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes, easily mimicking other materials while retaining easy-to-care-for properties.

Large-format squares and rectangles, planks, penny rounds, hexagons, mosaics, and chevrons—the selection of shapes is larger than ever. Browse through our wide variety and begin to imagine the possibilities of designing with tile.

When choosing tiles for a bathroom, consider how wet the room will get. Moisture-prone rooms require tiles that are impervious to water and safe to stand on with bare feet. Shiny, glazed tiles add glamour to walls and countertops, but they can be slippery when used as flooring. They might be best for a half bathroom that doesn’t have a shower or tub. Tiles with a matte or textured finish provide traction and are safer for wet feet.


Mosaic tile is a simple way to add visual interest to any wall, floor, or space. Whether creating an original pattern or a focal point in a room, mosaics are versatile for achieving any design goal. Mosaic tiles can change the way a room looks and feels. Infuse trendy chicness or designer elegance into any space with these versatile pieces.

These tiles can be made from stones like travertine, marble, pebbles, glass, metal, porcelain, and more.

From ceramic to glass and everything in between, mosaic tiles are a timeless design element ideal for any room. The endless combinations of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials make these visually stunning wall and floor tiles an irreplaceable feature.

Create a vibrant backsplash in your kitchen or a perfectly patterned shower floor with colorful mosaic tiles.

From refreshing greens and blues to an iconic black and white combination, our selection of mosaic wall and floor tiles features an array of shades to complement any space and design taste.


Natural stone flooring can add organic warmth and tranquility to any space. From slate and marble to limestone and granite, natural stone tiles add unique personality wherever they’re used. Since it’s not manufactured, it’s never perfectly uniform. But there is beauty in originality. Embrace the imperfections and enjoy owning a one-of-a-kind flooring surface.

Whether you’re using stone tile floors in the bathroom, kitchen, foyer, patio, or anywhere in the home, natural stone adds drama but also practicality. More durable than many artificial products on the market, natural stone tiles have a long life span and may require very little maintenance. Typically, once installed, finished, and sealed, upkeep is pretty easy.

Natural stone flooring is a durable and visually appealing option for just about any area of a home, but you should make sure to take these factors into account when deciding between granite or marble tiles for flooring. Marble provides an elegant look, but it requires more maintenance than granite, which also comes in many more styles and colors.


Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material favored for its durability and functionality. It has become an increasingly popular flooring material in recent years because of its ability to fight off moisture and its versatile appearance. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable flooring options. Vinyl flooring can realistically mimic wood, stone, marble, and a vast array of other luxury flooring materials.


Vinyl sheet is often used as an alternative to natural stone, ceramic tile, or even hardwood, especially in rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms that are more susceptible to moisture. The layered construction provides stability, cushioning, and a protective finish for durability.

It comes in a 12-foot-wide roll, which the flooring company will cut to size. Depending on the size of your room, you may just need a single roll, but regardless, this type of flooring leaves few (if any) seams.

There’s no shortage of color options for vinyl sheet floors. For looks inspired by natural materials like hardwood, stone, and slate, you’ll find shades of white, beige, red, orange, brown, green, blue, and gray. Alternative looks like geometric patterns and black-and-white checkerboard are also available.


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is strong, affordable, and beautiful. And perhaps best of all, it’s easy to install. It is scuff- and wear-resistant, which makes luxury vinyl flooring a great choice for busy households and high-traffic areas. And it’s waterproof, so you can give kitchens and bathrooms an elegant, natural look.

Luxury vinyl planks, or LVP, are built in layers, similar to hardwood laminate flooring planks, with a protective finish over multiple layers of pressed vinyl, sealed into a hardboard core, and finished with an underlayment backing. Cork or felt backing adds an extra cushion under every step, easing the impact as well as keeping the floor at a more consistent temperature than cold tile. These quieter, more sound-absorbent vinyl tiles and planks help reduce echo and noise in the home.


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a durable flooring option made of quality PVC and vinyl. While vinyl floors were once considered cheap-looking, they’re one of the biggest trends in flooring today. They’re now highly sought-after and still budget-friendly.

Vinyl tiles offer a little bit of something for everyone. You can choose from realistic natural textures such as wood and stone, and those beautiful visuals will be protected by a durable wear layer. Best of all, you have the option of a waterproof core.

Vinyl tile floors are a great solution for any room in the home, thanks to their durable PVC or waterproof core construction. It doesn’t matter if you have pets, rambunctious kids, or both.
Vinyl tile will easily hold up to regular wear and tear. If you want a little extra insurance, then waterproof vinyl tiles are your best bet. You can install them in kitchens and bathrooms for a low-maintenance solution.
Vinyl tile offers a large selection of colors, textures, and styles, so you can get exactly the look you want in your home or business. Whether your heart’s desire is a stone-look or colorful decorative pattern, you can find it in vinyl tile.


When a wood floor loses its luster, the usual solution is to sand it down to raw wood and completely refinish it. But often, that’s the wrong solution. Refinishing hardwood floors is the right solution.


All wood floors are protected by a clear coating that eventually becomes scratched, scuffed, and dull. Hardwood floor refinishing can help you get rid of those unsightly scratches and marks. But as long as the damage is shallow—in the coating and not in the wood itself—you can renew the hardwood floor by adding a new coat of polyurethane right over the old finish.

We all know that hardwood floors can last a lifetime. However, that lifetime of beauty and enjoyment doesn’t come without a little bit of work. Daily cleaning and polishing floors every few months are excellent ways to keep floors looking fresh, but there will eventually be a need to refinish your hardwood floors.

Refinishing wood floors is a great way to extend the life of your flooring and is cheaper and more environmentally safe than a full replacement. If you’re tired of the current look of your floors and want an update, you can refinish them to get an entirely new look with much less effort and inconvenience to you.

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