The warm experience that our carpets provide are second to none. They have so many benefits to offer, carpet can muffle sounds to make any room more serene & comes in a variety of textures, colors and patterns that will enhance your lifestyle. You will also appreciate the built in stain resistant technologies that are now available.

Most of the carpets that are manufactured today can withstand pets, children and heavy traffic. We have over 300 different carpet styles for you to choose from. Depending on the environment you live in and how heavy your foot traffic is your options could range from either a Textured, Frieze, Precision Cut or a Berber.

Textured – has a soft feel. Textured is usually a two-toned yarn and with an uneven surface gives it a casual look suited for any room. It makes footprints vacuum marks less noticeable, so it’s a good choice for family rooms. This is one of the most popular residential carpeting options.

Frieze – carpets have a short, durable, twisted pile fiber well suited for busy areas. The fibers of a frieze carpet curl in different directions, so they help hide footprints and other common carpet marks. Frieze can yield a somewhat informal look.

Berber– features uncut loops of natural-tone fibers varying in size tends to look like wool but is usually made of nylon. The natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm and personal look. While loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Precision Cut Un Cut – is a great option for anyone who wants beauty and durability. Yarns that end on the surface of the carpet are either cut or un-cut, and carpets that have a combination of the two are Cut Un.Cut Carpet. This can also be called Cut Loop Carpet. This style offers an added textural interest. The pattern looks as if it’s been cut into the carpet and usually features several tones from the same color family. The change in color helps disguise wear and soiling.

Sisal Carpet – is a made from the sisal plant this fiber is durable, anti-static and gives your home a natural overall feel, and is especially beautiful on a hardwood or laminate floor.