Soapstone is one of the go-to choice when you want an affordable alternative to a natural stone countertop. Nevertheless, it has been used for ages as a good material for countertops because of its milky beauty and charm.

Similar to granite, it is a stone naturally quarried in mines and it also called steatite. Before, this material was commonly used by sculptors because of its naturally soft composition. This softness is due to the presence of talc.

However, today, manufactured soapstone countertops have similar hardness with marble and can be harder due to the incorporation of quartz.  With this, it can effectively withstand the harsh conditions of a kitchen countertop.

The best feature about this mineral is its natural milky warmth which adds beauty to all types of kitchen remodeling.

Pros of Soapstone Countertops
  • Natural Warm Beauty – This natural stone usually comes in dark gray to black color. Most home remodelers are captivated with its warm and milky design that is versatile to complement classic to modern kitchens. Moreover, there are natural veinings to enjoy that is not present in synthetic stones.
  • Heat Resistance – Like granite, this mineral has excellent heat resistance, thus, used in fireplaces. When installing soapstone countertops in your kitchen, there will be no frets on hot pans burning your countertop.
  • Antibacterial traits – Despite its natural softness, it has an impeccable non-porous trait which greatly contributes to its antibacterial and anti stain abilities.
  • Natural Patina – One of the unique traits of soapstone is its ability to naturally build-up patina over its surface. This is due to the natural oxidation of its mineral, resulting in a gradual darkening of the surfaces. You just have to regularly oil its surface to further enhance its patina.
  • Low Cleaning Requirements – Aside from its natural warmth and patina, it is hassle-free to clean soapstone countertops. You can easily clean it with a mild dish soap solution, water, and soft cloth.
Cons Soapstone Countertops
  • Low resistance against chips, dents, and cuts
  • Most soapstone countertops comes in shorter length, so you would expect seams to be visible when you need a longer length.
  • It is slightly pricey
  • You need to periodically oil its surface to hasten its patina growth

The price of most soapstone countertops varies depending on different factors such as supplier, quality, thickness, design, and size. Nevertheless, the average soapstone countertops cost of this mineral is between $70 to $120 per square foot. If you plan to have a 10-square foot soapstone countertop, cost is expected to be $700 to $1200.

If you want an affordable soapstone countertops, you can simply contact us anytime for free quotations and professional installation of your soapstone countertops.