Saxony carpet is a cut loop pile carpet. Its pile is designed to be incredibly dense, for a soft feeling underfoot. This makes it popular for bedrooms and living rooms.

Sometimes Saxony carpets are called a plush carpet, based on the luxurious style and feel. They have a velvet-like appearance, which is created by tightly twisting the carpet fibres, cutting them and then heating them so they stand up straight.

What are the best rooms for Saxony carpets?

Because of the high-quality fibres, standard Saxony carpets suit low-traffic areas such as:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms
  • rooms used as a study/office

Saxony carpets made of polypropylene are more durable, making them suitable for:

  • bedrooms
  • dining rooms
  • hallways
  • living rooms
  • stairs

You can find out more about polypropylene carpets, including benefits and comparisons by visiting our polypropylene guide

Pros of Saxony carpets

  • Luxurious feeling underfoot
  • Deep pile provides excellent insulation
  • Timeless quality
  • If looked after, can last for decades

Cons of Saxony carpets

  • Hard to tell quality of Saxony by looking at it
  • Can show footprints and tracks from a vacuum cleaner