Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Nothing compares to the elegance and warmth of a classic hardwood floor. They are durable, long-lasting, and attractive.

Refinishing floors is a great idea. If your hardwood floor is in at least decent condition, refinishing them can get them back to looking great. Our skilled contractor can salvage and refinish nearly any old floor. Scratches can be sanded away, and holes, dents, or chips can be patched. The first step is to sand away the old finish, using a power sander. Once the old finish is removed, you can repair any dents or cracks with wood filler, and then sand them down to be even with the floor. Finally, you can seal the floor, then stain it, and your hardwood will look like new.

The fumes are not dangerous, as long as you keep the area well-ventilated. You can stay in your home while the floors are being refinished. However, we would not recommend sleeping overnight in a room with freshly finished hardwood floors. The stain will stop giving off vapors soon after it has dried, and should be almost entirely odor-free within a day or two. In the meantime, keep the area well-ventilated to move the fumes out of your home and you’ll have nothing to worry about.