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"We Carpeted Your Neighbors Home"

Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring will continue to stand the test of time if the past six decades are any indication. 1958 was the year when Tony and Hope Lopez planted their eyes firmly on their future and stepped toward their family’s legacy.

The family-owned and operated business has withstood significant tests and trials, the most recent being the current COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships, Tony and Hope’s son, Michael, who is running the family business, projects a message of hope, not of fear or bitterness. No matter the harsh blows, Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring will continue its commitment to the community, Lopez stressed. Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring has long provided sales and installation of carpet, sheet vinyl, laminate countertops (Formica), wood flooring, wallpaper, and draperies, but this year it expanded its services and products, adding shower, bath, and kitchen remodeling services to its repertoire.

“We do more than floors,” Lopez said. “We do all types of countertops, backsplashes, shower, and bath remodels, as well as interior reconfiguration. Our vision is to become a one-stop shop. A new decade has begun with the third generation of our family. Our son and his wife, Joshua and Ruby Lopez, with the help of Amador Olvera, Chris Frazier, Lorne Darlin, Francisco Gomez, and some of the best installers in the business, are here to work for our clients. ” It seems like a fresh start, Lopez continued. “This young generation has so much knowledge, so many ideas, and compassion to share all that they have. Everyone has to start somewhere or re-start somewhere. We believe that with our experiences and dedication to serving, we are going to see our customers more than satisfied.”

In this exclusive interview, Lopez discusses the history of his family's company, and just what inspired the company slogan and business philosophy. 

Marquita Griffin: What motivated your parents Tony & Hope, to open the business? 
Michael Lopez: My father Tony Lopez began as a floor covering installer. A sales manager he worked under always had him calculate customer’s floor plans for him. My father thought to himself: ‘I know this business from installation to configuring all projects.’ Looking ahead to the future, and for the sake of his family, they became his motivation. With my faithful mother Hope, they set out to begin their dream.

MG: Has the business always been located at 1006 1st St. in Rosenberg?
ML: Our business started out of our home.We then moved into a location near the then-Texas Grill Restaurant. In 1975, we moved to our current location at 1006 1st St.

MG: What is Gary Tavener’s involvement with Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring?
ML: Gary Tavener joined our family almost 50 years ago. He was studying to be a schoolteacher at the time. My father offered him a share of the family business. Gary bought in and became an owner/partner. He has been a most faithful and honorable man. If there is anyone in my life that I would say I could trust, he would be at the top of the list, next to my father.

MG: Why would you say a potential client would immediately know Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring is a family-owned business?
ML: Being a family-owned business, we believe in “family.” Customers come in all the time and say we are unique, and we believe that because we treat them like family. Yes, we are a business, but I have watched my father and mother, including Gary, treat everyone like a neighbor. As a matter of fact, our slogan was: “We carpeted your neighbor’s home!” It seemed like everyone that walked into our store said those words, so my father made it our slogan.

MG: What would you say is Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring’s business philosophy?
ML: Our business philosophy is to go the extra mile or” the extra half mile.” I remember my father telling a story years ago. He was installing carpet at a hotel in Pampa, Texas. In those days carpet runners for stairways were made of wool and were 27 inches wide. The hotel owner liked the color and pattern so much that he wanted the whole lobby floor carpeted with it. In those days carpet seams were hand-sewn. My father would say:”If you forgot your thimble, you might as well go home.” After the completion of the lobby, my father calculated that he had sown a half-mile. By the way, he still has that thimble!

MG: How has Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring withstood the test of changing or challenging times?
ML: Since 1958, our business has withstood many tests and trials. We have been through six decades of every kind of test. The most recent ones are Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe in my parents’ commitment to righteous principles of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Doing everything it takes to make sure that our customers receive all that they’re expecting and more. It is in these times of testing that peoples’ hearts are revealed.We will always remember our foundation which is to do unto others as you would have it be done to you. That’s our Golden Rule. 

MG: How has Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring fared during this pandemic?
ML: We were thankful for many reasons. The pandemic made us realize there were situations and people we have taken for granted. I don’t believe hardly anyone had a clue on how to prepare or handle the pandemic. I would have to say with God’s help, we have fared well.

MG: You’ve touched repeatedly on your passion for the community in previous conversations. Why is community important to Rosenberg Carpet and Flooring?
ML: We have served our community for 62 years because our community is especially important to us. We were raised here. We raised our children here and now our grandchildren. Our vision is to work with our community and make a positive impact. A community that cares thrives. If the community thrives, it is because of caring people. We serve because we care. We believe in supporting our community by shopping local, allowing schools, churches, and other organizations access to our parking lot for fundraisers such as barbecues, car washes, etc. Since recent hardships, we are focusing on ways to help our community even more.

MG: Speaking of community, tell me about this mural on the side of your building.
ML: The Rosenberg Mural on our building was not planned by any means. A young man that I met years ago, Dagoe Marse, came to us with his idea of a mural welcoming people to our city. I showed everyone in the store his idea, and in less than one minute, everyone agreed. I think the mural is monumental and may even become iconic. We hope that visitors and locals will feel the warmth of our beloved city through the mural. Feel free to come by and take selfies with the mural.

MG: Lastly, what can clients expect from Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring?
ML: Customers can be assured that in serving our clients, we care about your family. We know how important, especially in these times, it is to provide appointments, service, and quality products to accommodate everyone. Our commitment will always be to make sure that all our customers feel safe and secure knowing that we honor their trust. We take our business seriously and have the highest respect for all. 

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