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You probably don’t shop for carpet that often, so you want to make sure you get what’s right for you. You can rely on our sales team to guide you through decisions about carpet fiber, wearability, stain and matting resistance, and cleanability. Our wide selection makes it easy and our carpet experts will help you find the right carpet for your needs and lifestyle.

Because vinyl flooring is durable and easy to keep clean, it’s been a top choice for kitchens, bathrooms, recreation areas, and other well-used rooms. If you’re considering vinyl for your home, you’ll be happy to know there are now more choices of patterns and colors than ever before. At Rosenberg Carpet, you’ll find a huge selection from the best manufacturers with the best guarantees in the industry.

Ceramic Tile
With its natural look, beautiful designs, and durability, ceramic tile has become a popular choice, not only for floors, but for countertops and accent borders as well. However, there are a lot of variations in how it’s made, so you need to choose a brand carefully. To make sure you get the best quality ceramic and proper installation, talk to the experts at Rosenberg Carpet.

Laminate Flooring
Laminates are one of the hottest trends in flooring today! Laminates can look like real wood, tile or stone. They are constructed with a wear layer, then a decorative sheet, which are bonded to a rigid core – usually fiberboard or wood with a bottom balancing layer to prevent warping. High performance laminate flooring offers outstanding durability. It will not scuff, indent, or fade in high traffic areas. The surface is also burn-resistant and will resist scratching from pets.

Hardwood Flooring
The classic beauty and natural look of hardwood flooring is still very popular. You can choose from a variety of natural hardwood flooring for elegant or casual settings.